We are specialists in the OEM business, and over the past 30 years, we have established leading health and fitness products all over the world. Our wealth of knowledge, experience and commitment to service of the highest quality enables easy and practical application of OEM business strategy to creating outstanding products.
Our team of marketing and R&D experts collaborate in the customization of products, to create the products you envisioned. From translating the instructions manual to multiple languages, to creating a modern designer packaging, our professionalism caters for all.
Customise Your packaging in just four simple steps
Our Promise
At Kinger International Limited, our priority and our promise is the welfare of people, customers, employees and suppliers alike. Our attitude and values have enabled us to continually perform at the highest level, and produce the best service and products for you.
The core values we hold at Kinger International Limited:
We encourage greater transparency of business actions
We always strive to better our “bests”
Clients and employees of our company work as a team, compiling our intellectual and physical resources together to make outstanding products
We believe in our products, because we are passionate for the reasons we created the product for – making better health and fitness a more affordable and convenient goal
We respect all people as well as the environment, and we always aim to give back to our local community
In additional to our core values, we have implemented certain standards for our company and suppliers, to ensure we protect people’s rights and our environment.